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Bitcoin 2022 Industry Pass

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Bitcoin 2022

The pass for enterprising Bitcoiners in the industry or looking to enter the industry, specifically tailored to financial institutions, miners and developers. What's Included:

  1. Access to Bitcoin 2022 Industry Day
  2. General access to the Main Conference
  3. Access to the Sound Money Fest
  4. Industry-specific stages and workshops
  5. Mining, institutional and dev-focused content
  6. Access to the industry lounge during main conference
  7. Access to rooftop VIP balcony seating for the Sound Money Fest

When: April 6-9th, 2022
Where: Miami, FL

Retail Price: $1,349 [Fiat] OR $1,249 [BTC]
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10% of all Bitcoin 2022 Black Friday sales will be donated to the Built With Bitcoin Foundation.
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