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BLOCKWATCH (#053-#153)

Birth of a BLOCKWATCH - The most decentralized timepiece known to man. Time = Money | Bitcoin = Money | Bitcoin = Time

1) Turn on your digital wallet
2) Tune in to Bitcoin
3) Drop out of fiat.

Once you have taken these three steps, the next progression is to monitor the Bitcoin timechain. Each time a block is stacked, we inch one tick closer to radical financial revolution.

Why do we need a financial revolution? The omnipotent state circulates unsound money, and we the people simply prefer sound money. Over are the days of central banks and inflationary fiat currency systems. Nothing can and nothing will break the chain. Now is the time of Bitcoiners and freedom loving human beings. It's Bitcoin Standard Time (BST)!

Bitcoin is a revitalized counterculture movement. There is no better way to capture that spirit than with a BLOCKWATCH. Turn on, tune in, drop out.

Three “faces” to toggle:
1. BTC Blockheight (BST)
2. “Moscow Time” = SATS/$1.00 USD
3. Public Wallet QR

Notable BLOCKWATCH owners: Max Keiser, Jason Williams (goingparabolic), BTC Sessions, Jay Gould, Junseth, Chief Monkey, and you!
Unit numbers and mint blockheight are hand engraved on the circuit board.
Our in-house mint encryption system enables us to confirm each BLOCKWATCH’s authenticity.
Designed, assembled, and coded in the USA. MIT License - open source hardware/software.

Retail Price: $999

50% off for 500 blocks starting on Black Friday
40% off for next 500 blocks
30% off for the rest of promotion

Use promo code SatimeshiClockamoto at checkout.

10% of all BLOCKWATCH sales will be donated to the Built With Bitcoin Foundation.
The most decentralized timepiece known to man.

Thank you to all of our sponsors