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Hodlr Disks Stealth Edition

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Hodlr Disks

24 black disks sealed together in a solid monobloc shell to permanently backup your recovery seed. Virtually invisible in the dark, all parts are made of marine grade Stainless Steel, chemically blackened to increase wear and corrosion resistance.  Engineered tough to keep your recovery seeds safe for the very long term. Compatible with all BIP39 / SLIP39 hardware wallets.

Retail Price: € 219 (estim. $ 246) for 1 unit
€ 558 (estim. $ 627) for a 3-pack (permanent discount on our website)

Use promo code BBF15 at checkout for a 15% discount.

15% of all Hodlr Disks Stealth sales will be donated to the Built With Bitcoin Foundation.
Compatible with all BIP39 / SLIP39 hardware wallets

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