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Ohmm Black Box

Presented by:
Upstream Data

"Black Box" Mining Enclosure

* We sold out the (1) donated Black Box. Upstream Data has more Black Box's up for presale on their site.

Rugged ASIC enclosure for the home and industrial shop.

The Ohmm Black Box is a rugged enclosure design for bitcoin mining ASIC hardware that requires no additional cooling external to the ASIC computers themselves, all you need is to run the power and ethernet to the box. We designed the air flow path to keep the ASIC elevated above the intake / discharge which reduces the rick of environmental ingress into the ASIC. The separating wall includes a manually adjustable vent register which allows the user to recirculate heat from the high pressure discharge to preheat the cold intake air in winter climates. The enclosure is built from urethane foam sandwich panel with aluminum extrusion framing which allows excellent sound attenuation, weather proofing and fire proofing. The Black Box allows you to mine safely indoors or outdoors at home or in your shop.


  1. Safe, fireproof ASIC enclosure.
  2. Weatherproof, all-climate design
  3. Sound attenuated to ~40-50 dB
  4. Compatible for all bitcoin ASIC models
  5. Sizes up to 42 kW of hashpower
  6. Exclusively offered in black
Retail Price: $2,100

Act now! Only 1 available!
All proceeds for the Ohmm Black Box will be donated to Built With Bitcoin Foundation.
Stop burning. Start earning. Weatherproof, soundproof and fireproof mining enclosure.

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