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Secret Satoshi

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Bitcoin Magazine

Join us in the biggest Holiday troll of the year by sending the gift of Bitcoin Magazine to the most prominent Bitcoin-haters! Satoshi's Naughty List includes Elizabeth Warren, Janet Yellen, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

We are hand delivering an entire box of 21 magazines to the doorstep of each person listed on Satoshi's Naughty List for them and their staff. You have the option to include a special message in the box. As a special token of thanks, we will also feature your name or social tag in our next print magazine set to be released in late Q1 2022! Click "Get Deal" for more information.

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Retail Price: $500 [Fiat] Or [BTC]

All proceeds will be donated to the Built With Bitcoin Foundation.
Send Bitcoin Magazine to the Biggest Bitcoin-Haters!

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