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The Funky Buzzz Frisbee Signed by Ben Askren

Presented by:
Ben Askren

The Funky Buzzz is a collaboration between Ben Askren and Discraft, building upon a relationship that started almost 13 years ago. These Swirly ESP Buzzz feature a stamp inspired by Ben's out-of-the-box wrestling style. Ben is known for being an elite mixed martial artist and wrestler. More recently, Ben has emerged as a big proponent and investor in Bitcoin. Click "Get Deal" for more images of the signed frisbee.

Price: $210.00

All proceeds for the The Funky Buzzz Frisbee Signed by Ben Askren will be donated to the Built With Bitcoin Foundation.
This one of a kind signed frisbee is a must have for any Bitcoiner that loves wrestling, mixed martial arts, or flying disc sports.

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