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Bitcoin Black Friday

On November 29, Bitcoin takes holiday shopping by storm, with the best deals for Bitcoin users, and easy ways to buy all your presents and give to charity with the new, world-changing digital cash!

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Fight for the Future (Privacy) and Bitcoin Black Friday will contact you about related campaigns.
Fight for the Future (Privacy) and Bitcoin Black Friday will contact you about related campaigns.

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Here are some exclusive deals for Bitcoin users, but they don't go live until November 29th. See you then!

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It's the season of giving! Donate bitcoins to these worthy charities -- it even makes a great gift to donate on a loved one's behalf. You can use this E-Card to tell them.

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About the day

Bitcoin Black Friday is a holiday shopping extravaganza just for Bitcoin users. On November 29th, hundreds of merchants selling everything from web hosting to organic beer will offer special deals to anyone paying in Bitcoin. Interested? Sign up!

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Who we are

Last year, Jon Holmquist founded "Bitcoin Friday", a celebration of Bitcoin with special deals for Bitcoin users. This year will be bigger than ever, with help from Internet freedom activists Fight for the Future and a solid circle of Bitcoin believers.

What's Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the new digital currency that works everywhere in the world. Fees are tiny, and it isn't tied to any company, central bank, or government. Interested? Get $100 in bitcoins now and go shopping! In the U.S? Try Coinbase (it's fast and easy). Europe? Try Bitstamp. Elsewhere? Use Localbitcoins.
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How do merchants use it?

The easiest ways to to get started are with BitPay, Coinbase, Shopify, or BitDazzle (for merchants without an online store). They make it even simpler than Paypal.

Bitcoin & Privacy

In an age where governments and corporations are monitoring our every move online, Bitcoin is a breath of fresh air. Bitcoin isn't exactly anonymous, but it is *much* more private than checks, credit cards, or Paypal. You can also use Bitcoin to purchase privacy-enhancing products, like Private Internet Access, or Silent Circle.

Why Bitcoin Black Friday?

Bitcoin has so much potential to make the world a fairer and more prosperous place. But it needs our help. Because Bitcoin challenges such powerful industries, it will face serious political opposition-- especially in the U.S. where those industries are strongest. This amazing new technology will only be politically safe once millions of people rely on it every day.

Black Friday is the biggest U.S. shopping day of the year, so that seemed like a great place to start! Are you in?

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