Bitcoin Black Friday

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We have partnered with Bitcoin Giving Tuesday this year to throw a special event on December 2nd for Bitcoin donations! Check out their website for more info:

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About the day

Bitcoin Black Friday is a holiday shopping extravaganza just for Bitcoin users. Starting on the 26th, through Black Friday on the 28th, and until Cyber Monday, hundreds of merchants selling everything from web hosting to organic beer will offer special deals to anyone paying in Bitcoin.
If you're a merchant and still want to list your deal, click here.

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Who we are

What's Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the new digital currency that works everywhere in the world. Fees are tiny, and it isn't tied to any company, central bank, or government. Interested?

Get $100 in bitcoins now and go shopping! To get started, Circle provides an easy way to buy and use bitcoin. You can buy from them and store your coins in their free, fully insured wallet. They also don't charge fees for transacting or for buying bitcoin. You can link a bank account, credit card, or debit cards, and you can access funds instantly – perfect for last minute Black Friday shoppers. Circle also has free iOS and Android apps for convenience. Visit to get started or click here if you are on mobile.!

To learn more, watch this:

Instantly purchase $25.00 worth of bitcoin using the new SNAPCARD Wallet. Click on the button above to get started. There are no transaction fees and you're able to access the funds in your new SNAPCARD Wallet immediately.

*Only available to US credit and debit card holders.

How do merchants use it?

The easiest way to to get started is with BitPay. Sign up for an account, activate a plugin, and you're done. Simple and free.