How To Accept Bitcoin As A Merchant

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How To Spend Bitcoin

If you’ve got bitcoin that you’d like to spend, there are many merchants that will accept it. Basically, spending bitcoin is the process of sending BTC to an address in exchange for goods or services and you will need access to a bitcoin wallet to do so.

In order to send BTC somewhere, or initiate a transaction, you will have to leverage the public and private keys associated with the bitcoin you’re trying to spend. The private key will be used to sign a message that describes the transaction to the larger Bitcoin network. A bitcoin wallet allows you to do so, and most will have a fairly straightforward “send” option built into the interface. 

Depending on the merchant you are transacting with, you will likely input or scan their public address and indicate the amount of BTC you are spending. Or the merchant may have other payment options enabled.

How To Spend Bitcoin With Gift Cards

Though many merchants currently accept bitcoin directly, many others do not. But you can spend BTC at these retailers by buying gift cards that they do accept using your bitcoin.

There are several online services that sell major retailer gift cards for BTC, allowing users to spend their bitcoin at places like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more.

How To Spend Bitcoin With Debit Cards

BTC can’t be held in a bank account and, therefore, cannot be spent via a bank-issued debit or credit card in the traditional sense. But some groups do offer debit cards that store BTC and can be used wherever debit cards are usually accepted.

For instance, a few providers have partnered with Visa to allow users to spend their bitcoin instantly through a debit card, just as they would with their fiat.

How To Earn BTC While Shopping

As bitcoin becomes a more popular medium of exchange, some services have been launched that offer shoppers BTC rewards (sometimes known as “sats back”) for their purchases. These services maintain partner networks with popular retailers that enable them to bitcoin to shoppers who make purchases from those retailers.